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Search returned 57 LOST & FOUND listings in Plant City, Florida.
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Listing ID Category Title Location
 335492 Lost: Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, PhonesLG Smart Phone Plant City, Florida. 33564
323073 Found: ElectronicsIPhone 5c, Belongs to name \"Emilio\" Plant City, Florida. 33565
 316013 Lost: CatsWhite male catPlant City, Florida. 33567
 306685 Lost: DogsLarge Yellow lab malePlant City, Florida. 33566
306393 Lost: DogsLost 7 months old black Labrador Plant City, Florida. 33564
304082 Found: Animals / PetsSmall Black Young Male DogPlant City, Florida. 33565
300652 Found: DogsSmall Jack Russell MixPlant City, Florida. 33563
 276590 Lost: WalletAmerican Eagle Wallet lostPlant City, Florida. 33563
 266459 Lost: CatsFriendly grey catPlant City, Florida. 33564
 262092 Found: DogsSmall Black Female DogPlant City, Florida. 33564
261283 Lost: CatsGrey with black stripes Plant City, Florida. 33564
 259242 Lost: DogsLarge black and brown dog.Plant City, Florida. 33563
 252216 Found: DogsSmall dog about 25 poundsPlant City, Florida. 33563
 236821 Lost: CatsAll White Male Plant City, Florida. 33566
 233936 Lost: DogsSilky terrierPlant City, Florida. 33566
 233808 Lost: DogsSilky terrier- silver with some brown mixed inPlant City, Florida. 33566
 229480 Found: DogsDachsund, MalePlant City, Florida. 33566
 217653 Lost: DogsRust colored chesapeake bay retrieverPlant City, Florida. 33567
 216956 Found: CatsFriendly Grey Dinosaur World
Plant City, Florida. 33565
 216649 Found: DogsChihuahuaPlant City, Florida. 33566
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